Credit Unions – Partner With Us

The credit union motto is, “Not for profit, not for charity, but for service.”

Justice for Me is a FinTech CUSO bridging the “Justice Gap” by removing the financial obstacles that prevent attorneys and clients from connecting.

Justice For Me partners with Credit Unions for several reasons. Firstly, we are both mission driven organizations. Secondly, JFM’s clients match credit union clients in many aspects, from location to demographics to income levls. Finally, Credit Unions also are the financial institutions that our attorneys depend upon.

We originate credit lines for clients enabling them to pay their attorney bills over time and avoid large upfront retainers. We pay attorneys’ bills quickly less our service fee and provide clients with flexible payment terms as well as a 12-month no interest option.

We help members find an attorney without fear of a large layout of cash. We help attorneys assist more people and get out of the credit and collections business. We help credit unions build their member base and portfolio.

Every Stakeholder contributes and every stakeholder benefits and together we can bridge the justice gap.

Serve Your Members

  • Eliminate the Retainer Obstacle
  • Help them Find an Attorney
  • Support your Member at important time in their live
  • Serve deeper into your community

Grow Your Loan Portfolio

  • JFM sends your credit union the application
  • Your credit union decisions the loan
  • Your credit union holds the loan
  • Your credit union sets the terms

Partner with Justice for Me

  • Seemless LoS Integration
  • Access to $100+ billion market
  • No cost to your members
  • Not legal insurance

By The Numbers

  • A typical retainer runs from $2500 – $5000
  • Currently 40 – 60% of legal needs go unmet
  • Legal Aid turned away 11,000 people in Q1 2017 in one TX County alone because they made too much money to qualify for assistance
  • Average legal engagement is $5,000
  • $400+ Billion in total legal billing in 2017 nationwide


How does the credit union market JFM to our members?

Various levels of marketing support are available. These may include co-branding, digital, in-branch, IVR etc. Justice for me will partner with your credit union’s marketing department to customize a marketing approach that integrates with your current strategy.

Does the JFM Platform integrate with our loan origination systems?

Loan origination and core system set-up vary by credit union. The Justice for Me technology is API and event-based providing flexibility to integrate directly with most core and LOS. Discovery between Justice for Me and the credit union is required to determine IT requirements.

Can the credit union use our own lending documents?

​The credit union can use it’s existing lending documents. To ensure compliance, your documents will be used in conjunction with the Justice for Me client/attorney disclosure agreements