Credit Union FAQ

The most common questions our CU partners ask


How does the credit union market JFM to our members?

Various levels of marketing support are available. These may include co-branding, digital, in-branch, IVR etc. Justice for me will partner with your credit union’s marketing department to customize a marketing approach that integrates with your current strategy.

Does the JFM Platform integrate with our loan origination systems?

Loan origination and core system set-up vary by credit union. The Justice for Me technology is API and event-based providing flexibility to integrate directly with most core and LOS. Discovery between Justice for Me and the credit union is required to determine IT requirements.

Can the credit union use our own lending documents?

​The credit union can use it’s existing lending documents. To ensure compliance, your documents will be used in conjunction with the Justice for Me client/attorney disclosure agreements

What happens when the legal engagement fee exceeds the approved loan amount?

​Justice for Me strives to make sure the total engagement submitted by the attorney does not exceed the approved loan amount however, that may happen. Adjustments can be made to the loan based on the credit union’s lending criteria.

Can the credit union set our own terms?

Justice for Me has a standard offering of an 18-month term, ten percent interest, and a 12-month payoff interest-free option, that JFM pays for. The credit union sets it’s own underwriting criteria.

Who services the loan?

The credit union owns the borrower relationship and the servicing of these loans.

Who manages the attorney relationship?

Justice for Me pays the engagement invoices directly to the attorney and monitors quality control.

What is the implementation fee?

The implementation fee is determined by the level of partnership between Justice for Me and the credit union with a range of $0.20 – $0.40 per member.