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May I pass on any JFM costs to my client?

No, the combined fees and expenses charged to a client should not exceed the total charges the client would have incurred had JFM not been involved. Attorneys may not increase fees to compensate for amounts due to JFM. The fees charged by JFM represent consideration for the provision of billing, collection, and administrative services to the Attorney with respect to the client’s line of credit.

What do I do if my client doesn’t have an email address?

All JFM  services are provided electronically, so we require that all clients have a valid email account.

What if my client has no credit history?

Credit history is an important part of the credit evaluation process.  However, potential clients may be eligible by obtaining a coapplicant to support their lack of a credit  history.  We do require the client be able to afford the monthly payment before a coapplicant will be requested.

How large is the client’s line of credit?

The requested line of credit should cover the entire anticipated cost of the client’s case based on your knowledge of the details provided by the client. It is important that we are considering the full amount to completion when we are evaluating their ability to repay the line of credit.  While additional funds may be requested to accommodate unique situations, there are not any guarantees that the additional credit could be granted. Since the line of credit is funded when JFM pays an invoice, the client does not have to worry about making any payments, or accruing any  interest, to get things started.

How do we know if/when/how much credit the client qualifies for?

Upon approval, JFM will notify the attorney and the client through a welcome email detailing the credit line.

Does the client have to approve the invoice before you pay me?

No. JFM pays your invoices directly. The invoice is then placed on the client’s account and they are sent a copy. The invoice will appear on their next statement for payment. The clients do have 5 days to dispute their invoice; however, if they have a problem, we ask that they contact your office directly.

Do I still send my invoices to the client?

To avoid confusion to  the clients, we recommend that you send all invoices to us and allow us to upload a copy to their client portal . However, if you would like to CC them when you send us the invoice, feel free to do so.

How quickly do I need to submit my invoices?

Invoices should be submitted within 60 days of completing the work. This generally covers attorneys who bill on a monthly basis so that we receive their invoice the first week of the month following their billing month. By following this, we can prevent surprises for the clients. We are not able to fund invoices submitted that cover work that is more than 60 days old.

What if my client’s invoice is over their available credit limit?

Since your client’s available credit is tracked in your JFM dashboard, you are always up to date on the available amount your client has left in their account.  We are not able to accept invoices that are over the amount of the client’s available credit, nor can we short pay to the available amount. All invoices submitted must be at or below the amount of available credit.

What if my client goes over their credit limit? Do you re-qualify them for more credit?

We recognize that these cases can get complicated and additional funds could be required to complete the case.  Our JFM dashboard can provide access to monitor your client’s balance and available credit.  If it is determined the client will need additional funds, an increase can be requested.  Keep in mind, all line of credit increase requests are subject to credit evaluation at the time of the request and must meet the current underwriting guidelines accordingly.

What if my client is late on their payment or stops paying?

If a client becomes delinquent, we may have to put their account on hold.  Accordingly, you will be notified immediately and paid for work completed up to that date. Once the client’s account is current, you will be notified and can resume submitting invoices for processing.

What about filing fees and any other hard costs or out-of-pocket expenses that we incur? Can we bill the client directly for these to avoid the JFM service fee?

The attorney is free to bill the client directly for any hard costs incurred.

What if a client disputes my bill after I’ve been paid?

If a client raises a concern about an invoice, we tell them to contact you and attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you decide that a credit is to be issued for any reason, we ask that you send us a credit memo for the client. If the case is completed and there is no further billing, a credit will be issued to the client and you would be responsible for reimbursing JFM for the amount of the credit, less our service fee. In all cases, the determination of whether to issue a credit or not is solely between you and your client.

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