Alex Shahrestani

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Alex Shahrestani

Austin, TX

Areas of Practice


Intellectual Property


It’s a cliche, but I wanted to start a law firm to make a difference. Every decision I’ve made on my way to becoming an attorney has been about how can I make a difference in the lives of real people. The biggest reason I got a degree in computer science was so I could be the attorney who understood tech, because I believe that technology will change how the courts interpret the law. What I didn’t realize is how much tech could change the practice of law itself. I run my practice on the lean startup model, and I build my own business management solutions to keep costs down. My goal is to move the legal industry in favor of regular people like me, whether that’s in how law is developed, or how law is practiced doesn’t matter so much to me. I can’t control how the industry moves, but I can control how I run my practice. Over the years, I like to think I’ve accumulated the kinds of experiences that equip me to not only be the best attorney I can be, but the best businessman I can be. I’ve served on a variety of boards, founded a company and a nonprofit, led pro bono services for youth, homeless, and modest income populations. Other than helping startups seeking to make a vision come true, I love working on technology issues in the law, and it almost doesn’t matter what the issue is – cybersecurity, blockchain, internet law, drones, social media, websites – you name it, I’m into it. If I’m not reading up on the latest developments in technology law, I’m probably coding another project. There’s something so satisfying about building an application despite all of the headaches that come with it, that moment when you know the program’s ready is so fulfilling. I almost can’t enjoy using the program before I’m trying to build another one.

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TX State Bar # 24101279



University of Texas

J. D. | 2018