Carl Guthrie

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Carl Guthrie

Austin, TX

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I graduated with honors from the University of Texas Law School in Austin, Texas. I spent my time studying Criminal Law and Trial skills, the exact skills and knowledge I need to help you. I won awards for trial advocacy. Now I coach trial advocacy teams to stay sharp.

I’m doing this work because I want to. Because it matters. And because the system as it is has too many problems. Being a lawyer doesn’t mean I’m better, or more important, or smarter than you. Everybody is good at something. My ‘something’ just happens to come into play when the cops are involved.

I’m doing this work because no matter what happened, no matter what you’re accused of, if it’s big, or if it’s small, you deserve help. You deserve somebody on your side. You deserve a lawyer who is willing to stick with your case all the way to trial. If your rights aren’t protected, the whole legal system is a joke.

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University of Texas

J.D. | 2017