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Travis Eaton

Tomball, TX

Areas of Practice

Family - Adoption

Family - Guardianship

Family - Divorce

Family - Child Support & Custody


Eaton Family Law was founded by Travis Eaton, MBA. Travis was born and raised in Houston and is dedicated to serving this community. As a result, Eaton Family Law has deep roots in the Houston area.

Travis studied at Texas Christian University and attended law school at American University in Washington, D.C. During law school, he also studied at Oxford University and Southern Methodist University.

Travis was fascinated by family law, so after law school, he returned to Houston and opened Eaton Family Law. Families are the building block of our society, and family law is both legally and emotionally complex. When spouses divorce, there are difficult financial and child custody issues to be sorted out, and Travis prides himself on negotiating these issues in a way that serves the best interests of his client while maintaining those precious parent-child relationships. After all, according to the Texas Family Code, the most important part of any family law case is the best interest of the child.

Travis’s background also includes financial issues. Outside of the children, divorces also mean splitting assets and determining which assets and debts each spouse will take on. Many people are overwhelmed by financial questions in the best of times, and divorce brings up many other emotions, making it even more difficult to make wise financial decisions. When you hire Travis, you can be confident that he will help you structure your finances so that you can move forward successfully with your life post-divorce.

Travis is married to a divorcee and has three children, one of whom is his wife’s from her prior marriage. This personal experience gives Travis the understanding of the emotional and logistical complexities of divorce and can help you navigate the entire process with empathy. It’s more than knowing the law – Travis also has the personal experience to help you through your divorce.

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