Marcie Trevino Ripper makes wills accessible for the everyday person

Marcie Trevino Ripper is Bell Ripper PLLC’s Managing Partner in San Antonio. She practices wills and estate planning law.

“I like to see myself as an attorney who does life and estate planning for the everyday person,” said Attorney Marcie Trevino Ripper, managing partner at Bell Ripper, PLLC.

It’s those “every day” persons who often think they don’t need a will.

“You don’t have to have a huge estate, but you need a will. Everybody does,” Trevino Ripper explained. “If you don’t do estate planning in Texas, you end up going through the probate process. It’s called an heirship proceeding and basically, the State of Texas tells you who gets what.”

Depending upon the complexity of the estate, Trevino Ripper typically provides a completed will and estate planning documents to the client within about two months. Her estate planning packages start around $1600.00. She allows her clients to break the cost of her services up into two payments of around $800.00 for the basic package.

But even that can be a struggle for some people. That’s why she joined the Justice For Me network and offers it as a finance option for her clients.

“A client that uses Justice For Me would be able to get a full estate planning package at most likely under $100.00 per month,” Trevino Ripper said.

Justice For Me offers a loan with a term of eighteen months at a rate of 10 percent. If clients make all payments on time and pay off the loan in 12 months, the interest paid is returned to the client, making the option even more appealing to clients looking to afford a will.

Justice For Me has opened up a new market for Bell Ripper PLLC’s estate planning practice.

“At Bell Ripper PLLC, we market estate planning with Justice For Me to what is a whole new market, a whole new group of people who thought, ‘oh, maybe someday I’ll get a will when I can afford it’ and that one day could be too late,” Trevino Ripper said.

Partnering with Justice For Me has also taken bill collection off the table for the practice with those clients who choose the service.

“Justice For Me helps us preserve our client relationships because it removes those difficult conversations about money,” Trevino Ripper added.

Prior to opening Bell Ripper PLLC, Trevino Ripper served as Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff’s Chief of Staff, worked with the Hidalgo Foundation of Bexar County, Inc., in addition to the Bexar County Children’s Court. Trevino Ripper has a JD and MPA from St. Mary’s University and a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Trevino Ripper is active within the community and serves as Vice Chair of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board and was on the 2017 March for Babies Executive Leadership Committee.

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