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The most common questions clients ask


When will my first payment be due?

Your repayment period does not begin until your attorney has done work on your case and submits an invoice on your behalf. Your first payment will be due approximately 25 days after JFM receives the first invoice from your attorney. After JFM receives your first invoice, you will receive your JFM billing statement monthly detailing your payment due date and the minimum amount due.

How can I make payments on my line of credit?

The easiest way to make your monthly payment is through autopay. Autopay allows the payment to automatically be debited each month through ACH (electronic check) or the debit/credit card of your choice. We accept all major debit and credit cards. These options can be managed through your account portal. If you prefer not to use electronic payments, a check or money order can be mailed to us at the address below. We do not accept cash payments. 

             Justice For Me

             P.O. Box 460029

             San Antonio, TX 78246

How does my attorney get paid?

Each time your attorney sends an invoice for work they have done, we advance the line of credit in the amount of the invoice and pay the attorney directly on your behalf.

If my case is done and I didn’t use all of my line of credit, am I responsible for paying the whole amount?

No. You are only responsible for the amount of the line of credit used.

Can I have multiple JFM lines of credit?

As a general policy, JFM only allows one open line of credit per client.

What if my attorney’s total billing is more than my line of credit?

We recognize that these cases can get complicated and additional funds could be required to complete the case. Your JFM Portal can provide access to monitor your balance and available credit. If it is determined you may need additional funds, an increase can be requested. Keep in mind, all increase requests are subject to credit evaluation at the time of the request and must meet the current underwriting guidelines accordingly.

What if I am late or can’t make my monthly payment?

We realize that life happens and sometimes that impacts your ability to make your monthly payment. Should you find yourself in this situation, please contact us as early as possible so we can work with you during this time. JFM may have options available, but early communication is key to keeping those options available.

If I build a good payment history for an extended period of time, can my coborrower be removed?

At this time, we do not offer a refinancing option for your line of credit.

May I pay off the loan early?

Yes, you may pay the outstanding balance at any time without any prepayment penalties.

How can I obtain a copy of my Approval & Account Agreement?

Once you, your attorney, and JFM have electronically signed your Approval & Account Agreement, you will automatically receive an email with a PDF copy of your completed documents. You can also access the documents through your account portal.

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