Finding Peace for her Family

Spend any time with Laura Vargas and it’s quickly clear, she loves her young son Kyree. Despite her devotion, being a single mother has not been easy.

“It’s like you have to be a super mom,” said 40-year-old Laura Vargas.

Laura and Kyree’s father have been in a prolonged battle over custody and child support. At first, Laura did not have an attorney, but her child’s father did. Without an attorney, Laura was convinced by her child’s father to sign a custody and support agreement she did not fully understand.

“I ended up signing the papers because he verbally agreed to give me money to help with Kyree,” Laura explained. “But it was only one payment.”

Vargas turned to Attorney Dominic J. Negron to get the custody and support situation changed.

“What we’re working on is trying to modify the current orders that she has in place for her child so that way we can eliminate the conflict that’s going on between her and the other parent,” said attorney Dominic J. Negron.

Before Negron could get started on Laura’s case, she needed to come up with a $3500.00 retainer, money she simply did not have.

“She let us know she was going to have trouble financing and paying the fees,” said Negron.

Luckily, Negron had partnered with Justice For Me.

“I gave her all the information, told her how it worked and she was ecstatic,” explained Negron.

Justify for Me finances attorney retainers, handles collection, pays the attorney minus a service fee, and puts clients like Laura on a monthly payment plan. For Laura, that’s a payment of a little more than $200.00 per month, a payment that made it possible for her to get legal help.

“Without that, I honestly don’t know. It would have been a struggle. It would have also delayed her case because we don’t start until the retainer is paid. So, it might have taken a while to come up with that money. So, it would have been a continued struggle,” said Negron.

A struggle and a stress that once removed, allowed Laura and her attorney to focus on the best outcome.

“Really, there is so much complexity already. We need to be able to communicate about the ins and outs of the case with her distraction-free,” said Negron. “They both love their kid. So, I want to get them to act in unison and as a team. I want to get them to a place where they can both visit with their child and see their child but with no conflict.”

That’s something Laura wants too.

“Regardless of what happened in the relationship, my main priority is my son,” Vargas explained. “I want peace for my son.”

Peace that’s finally possible thanks to attorneys like Dominic Negron and a payment plan through Justice For Me.

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