It’s about cash flow, 100 percent.

There is an oil boom of sorts in Texas, thanks to the passage and signing into law of Texas House Bill 1325 in June 2019. It’s not the dark crude that bubbles up from derricks and wells dug deep into the ground. This liquid gold comes from cannabis, a plant Josh Pearl calls his passion.

“I’ve had a passion for this plant since the early to mid-80s. It’s something I grew up around, it’s something I’ve been self-healing with for many, many years,” said co-owner Josh Pearl of Gruene Cross Health and Wellness. “Now, that I’m learning the science behind how it actually works, I’ve developed an even greater appreciation and even more passion for this plant.”

It’s an appreciation and passion he and his co-owner have turned into not just a one-shop CBD business, but a franchise opportunity for others hoping to cash in on CBD. Gruene Cross Health and Wellness launched in March 2018, selling products made with CBD, everything from pain creams to bath bombs, tinctures, and breath sprays. The business now has five locations across the Central Texas region.

“We’re looking to be worldwide at some point. We want to be the largest cannabis company in the world,” said Pearl.

Opening a small business almost always requires some legal assistance from an attorney. For Gruene Cross, the franchise side of the business and their big goals of going worldwide presented another area of the law where they needed help. That meant Gruene Croess needed not one but two attorneys, one for basic business set up and the other for the ins and outs of creating a franchise.

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