How it works

The detailed steps for attorneys

1. Sign with Justice For Me

Signing up is the first step in our process. It’s as simple as filling out a short form which you can find here.  We will then send you an agreement via DocuSign for you to review, electronically sign and return to Justice For Me.

This agreement lays out how you will get paid and all the detailed terms and conditions. Upon receipt of the agreement, JFM will send you an email inviting you to set up your JFM Attorney Portal. Here you can edit details of your profile – if you want one – as well as initiate client applications and see the status of the application.

2. Engage with Potential Clients

If you have potential clients who are concerned about the cost of legal services or who are struggling to afford a retainer, you can suggest Justice For Me as one of the options they could consider.

After you have joined Justice For Me, we will send brochures for you to offer to potential clients who may benefit from our service.

3. Initiate client approval

Once you and your client feel Justice For Me could help in their situation, you would initiate a client application in your dashboard. You simply enter their name, email, the estimated cost for the engagement, and case type. The client will then receive an email with a link to their credit application that they can fill out online.

Both you and your client will get the result back within 24 hours, and if approved, Justice For Me provides your client with a payment plan to use with you, and only you, during this engagement. You can start work immediately.

4. Work for your Client

You can now represent your client and work on whatever matters they face secure in the knowledge that you will be paid for your work. You should work as you would for any other client. JFM doesn’t require you to work any differently for our clients.

5. Invoice JFM & Get Paid

Once you start working on the case, you will send invoices for your billable hours to Justice For Me. Justice For Me will pay your invoices quickly, normally within a week, minus our service fee. We take the risk of collecting the money from the client.

Since the money you receive from Justice For Me is for work completed, it is yours to spend with no trust or IOLTA accounting necessary. The money is non-recourse to you. Justice For Me takes all the credit risk and will not look to you if the client does not pay.