How it works

The detailed steps for our clients

1. Select an Attorney

While Justice for Me itself does not provide legal services, we offer a growing network of attorneys ready and willing to take on cases in a variety of legal areas. We recommend reaching out to multiple attorneys in order to find the one which best suits your needs.

2. Attorney Initiates Application

Once you have selected an attorney to work with, they will estimate the total cost of the case and you will fill in a full credit check in order to get your line of credit approved. You will get the result back within a few days and if approved, your lawyer can start work immediately.

3. Case Work Begins

Once your application has been approved, you may begin working with your attorney immediately.

4. Attorney Submits Invoice to JFM

As work on your case progresses, the attorney will submit invoices for their billable hours to Justice for Me. JFM will pay your attorney directly and add the amount to your line of credit. You will receive a monthly statement detailing your minimum payment, due date and account balance.

5. Monthly Payments Commence

Justice for Me will pay the attorney directly and add the billed amount to your line of credit. Your monthly payments begin at this time. As additional invoices are received by JFM, your monthly payments will increase accordingly. Please note: you will only pay on the total amount billed, not on your entire line of credit.

6. Case is Completed – Payments will continue until the balance is paid in full.

When your case is complete and your work with the attorney has ended, you will continue making monthly payments until you have a zero balance on your JFM account. Don’t forget – if you make all of your monthly payments on time and pay off your invoice within 12 months, JFM will refund the interest paid making your loan INTEREST FREE!