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How it works

  1. Select an Attorney
  2. Attorney Estimate / Final Approval
  3. Attorney and Client Work Together
  4. Monthly Payments Start
  5. Legal Work Stops / Case Closed


What will I pay upfront?

You won’t pay anything upfront. There is no money down required. Attorneys join the Justice For Me network to offer affordable monthly payment plans free of upfront payments or retainers to their clients.

What if my attorney is not part of the Justice For Me network?

If your attorney is not part of the JFM network, have them contact us and we will work with them to become a member to be able to offer payment plans.

What if my attorney’s total billing is more than my original payment plan?

We understand a case sometimes goes beyond the initial estimate. In these instances, we will review the limit and work with you and your lawyer.

What if my credit isn’t great?

Our credit decision is based on a combination of score, employment and other factors, including having a co-applicant.

Practice Areas

Justice For Me can help with nearly any legal issue. We can help you with nearly any civil case, from divorce, child custody, other family matters to setting up a company. Our model doesn’t work for lawyers working on contingencies, regardless of the subject matter. You can find a full list of areas we can help with and areas we don’t support on our Practice Area Page.

Customer stories

“Regardless of what happened in the relationship, my main priority is my son. I want peace for my son.”

Laura V, San Antonio TX

“Being able to finance with JFM has allowed us to excel in other areas of our business and not worry about the attorney’s fees. We’ve been able to invest those funds and grow the business.”

Josh P, Gruene Cross Wellness, San Antonio TX