How it works

The detailed steps for our customers

1. Select an Attorney

You need to select an attorney to work with. Our database of lawyers will all work without a retainer and are happy to engage with you on your situation. You can search our database here and find experienced attorneys in the practice area you need near your location. You can also filter the results among many different criteria.

We suggest you meet with enough lawyers to help you find the right attorney for you. Our advice on selecting an attorney along with some key questions to ask can be found in this blog post.

2. Attorney Estimate / Final Approval

Once you have selected an attorney to work with, they will estimate the total cost of the case and you will fill in a full credit check in order to get your line of credit approved. You will get the result back within a few days and if approved, your lawyer can start work immediately.

3. Attorney and Client Work Together

You and your lawyer are a team working together. Your lawyer should explain all the options open to you and work with you to decide the best strategy. Once your strategy is set, you can expect a timeline for the important events in you case from your lawyer. You should work out the best way to communicate as you work together on your case.

4. Monthly Payments Start

Once your lawyer starts working on your case, they will also start to send invoices for their billable hours to Justice For Me. Justice For Me will pay your attorney, add the billed amount to your line of credit and your monthly payments will start. Payments will continue until you have paid the total amount billed plus interest. This will normally be 18 months after the last invoice. You can pay off the amount owed at any time if you wish.

5. Legal Work Stops / Case Closed

At some point your legal matter will end and there will be no more work for your attorney to do. You simply pay your monthly installments until the loan is paid off. You can pay your loan off at any time and if you have made all your payments on time and pay off within 12 months, then Justice For Me will refund any interest paid.