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Affordable Legal Help

  • 12 months interest-free loans
  • 24 month low interest rate / APR
  • No upfront cash or retainer
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Use any attorney in our network

Not every divorce needs a lawyer, but if you have children and/or assets to split, you will want legal support.

An experienced lawyer can be vital for the successful resolution of your child custody case, especially if you and your partner cross jurisdictions.

For more complex business entities (C and S Corporations) it’s a good idea to use an attorney.

How it works

We offer affordable monthly payments plans to pay your legal fees rather than having to pay a large upfront retainer to your attorney. First, find the Justice For Me attorney that is the best fit for you (or find your own lawyer), and then start solving your legal challenge. We can get you the help you need.

Customer stories

“Being able to finance with JFM has allowed us to excel in other areas of our business and not worry about the attorney’s fees. We’ve been able to invest those funds and grow the business.”

Josh P, Gruene Cross Wellness, San Antonio TX

“Regardless of what happened in the relationship, my main priority is my son. I want peace for my son.”

Laura V, San Antonio TX