A Unique Father’s Day

This Father’s Day—Sunday, June 16, 2019—will be among the most memorable Father’s Days for me.

My father passed away two months ago to the day—April 16, 2019.  I will miss him this year, thinking on the first such day in my life when he is not physically present.   He was a great dad.

And I count myself among the many fortunate men and women who grew up with a father who cared deeply about them.  My father CHOSE to a be a real dad.  As a father myself, and an attorney, I have witnessed too often the pain, isolation and grief over the loss or absence of a father—from the family’s perspective, as well as from the father’s point of view.

In just the last two weeks, I witnessed two fathers’ poor choices–one to terminate permanently his parental rights; and another’s, to lash out violently at an ex-wife’s new partner—effectively risking and forever damaging his rights to act as a father.

These are extreme cases—they each involved serious substance abuse and mental health issues.  But they highlight the simple fact that we often take for granted those dads who stick around, make it work and sacrifice for their families—and their children.

At Justice For Me, we salute those dads who persevere and work hard to support and care for their partners and their children.  It is an honor and privilege for us to help fathers who CHOOSE to work through touch legal challenges to make themselves and their families better.   Being a real father is always a CHOICE.  And, a good one.

Happy Father’s Day!