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Affordable payments for Child Custody Attorneys

Hiring a good child custody attorney can be expensive and normally requires an up-front retainer payment. Justice For Me partners with you and the attorney to enable affordable payment plans so you can get the help you need in your child custody case. 

How it works

  1. Select an Attorney
  2. Attorney Estimate / Final Approval
  3. Attorney and Client Work Together
  4. Monthly Payments Start
  5. Legal Work Stops / Case Closed

"Regardless of what happened in the relationship, my main priority is my son. I want peace for my son."

Laura Vargas, Justice For Me Customer

Many couples can negotiate and agree on a joint parenting plan, including whether there is sole or joint custody. Custody refers to the control and responsibility for a minor child, but a court will be involved if parents cannot make this decision.

Child custody cases will have a long-lasting impact on both the parents and the children, as well as the wider family such as grandparents. While you can always represent yourself in any legal case, there are times when having an expert child custody attorney is the wise think to do. Custody laws can be complex and vary from state to state. The right family lawyer will have the training and experience to help make a complicated process simpler for you.

"We had one client who has been in a protracted custody battle. She got in a car accident. She had to get a new vehicle while she was waiting for insurance settlements. Meanwhile, her custody case is ongoing and she’s concerned, very concerned about how she’s going to afford it. Justice For Me was able to offer her that financing and keep her case going so we could get that resolved really quickly for her."

Hillary Bell, Attorney

Regardless of whether you hire an attorney or not it is in your best interest to understand to your state’s specific family laws and the factors used in deciding child custody cases. You should consider hiring an attorney if one of the following describes your situation.

• Your Ex Has a Lawyer and you do not
• Your Case Crosses Jurisdictions
• You Believe Your Children Are in Danger
• Your Ex Is Trying to Prevent You from Seeing the Kids
• The Court Is Requiring You to Participate in Treatment or Take Classes
• The Circumstances of Your Case Have Changed Significantly

Child custody cases often involve a lot of information about you, your child’s other parent, and your child. Many details about you and your family can come into play in a child custody case, as the judge’s goal is to decide what is in the child’s best interest.

"A client let us know she was going to have trouble with the fees. I told her about Justice For Me and how it worked and she was ecstatic. Without that, I honestly don’t know. It would have been a struggle. It would have also delayed her case because we don’t start until the retainer is paid, so it would have been a continued struggle."

Dominic J. Negron, Attorney, San Antonio, TX

A child custody lawyer can help with this discovery process and give you additional advice on preparing for what can be an emotionally tough process.

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