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If you are facing a mountain of debt, or contesting a single debt and creditor, under any circumstance an experienced attorney can help you develop a plan to workout, settle or contest that debt and achieve a workable solution. An attorney can also often assess your eligibility and the advisability of filing for bankruptcy relief.

An attorney can review the details of your debt situation and, using the legal framework and remedies available in your state, develop plans and strategies to work out or contest the debt. Part of those plans may include working out discounts or payment plans if bankruptcy is not a preference or feasible. This work will often require appearances in court to contest any legal action by a creditor and bring any counterclaim or any available defenses to your debt.

If you and your attorney ultimately determine that bankruptcy is your best option, please note that Justice For Me does not support legal payment plans in that situation. The federal laws that govern bankruptcy cases do not readily allow payment plans like those used by Justice For Me.

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