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"Regardless of what happened in the relationship, my main priority is my son. I want peace for my son."

Laura Vargas, Justice For Me Customer

A poorly executed divorce trial can have a long-lasting negative impact on those involved. Each state has its own steps and regulations regarding divorce proceedings. Failing to follow these procedures can result in an extended and counterproductive trial. Finding the right attorney can help you achieve the best outcome for your situation and avoid the pain of a drawn-out trial.

Understanding your state’s specific divorce laws could be the difference between a mutually beneficial separation and a painful battle over custody, assets, and fault. If your divorce includes any of the following factors, hiring an attorney is in your best interest:

  • One or more children
  • Suspicion (or knowledge) of hidden assets
  • State laws that require waiting periods
  • Property under both you and your spouse’s names
  • Threats or instances of abuse, physical and/or emotional
  • You or your spouse are dependent on the other’s source of income

Divorce cases are deeply personal, life altering and sensitive. Your relationship’s history and habits along with your personal history and habits can become public. Without legal counsel they can damage your case. A good attorney will be able to protect you from defamatory attacks and will provide support and assistance regarding any unflattering aspects of your personal life.

Finding the right lawyer will also help you get out of your unhealthy marriage and back on your feet as quickly as possible. Justice For Me sets you up with a cost-effective payment plan to cover legal fees for your attorney. We want to help you get the legal assistance you need.

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