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Administrative action by governments at the federal, state and local levels is very often a serious threat to any individual or business. As government regulation has grown for many years, so have the various bureaucracies and related rules and regulations that can affect daily life. Here is just a sampling of the areas of administrative or government law that could affect any individual or business (note that some of these items are also covered in individual practice areas on this website):

  • Air quality permits
  • Construction permitting
  • Consumer financial and disclosure rules & remedy procedures
  • Equal employment opportunity laws
  • Equal housing laws and regulations
  • Government meetings and related access
  • Government records access and disclosure
  • Hazardous material handling, permitting and disposal
  • Healthcare licensing and related discipline
  • Occupational licenses of various types (not medical)
  • Real estate appraisal and government valuation
  • Real estate zoning and condemnation
  • Social security or disability law
  • Tax assessment and enforcement
  • Water usage or disposal permitting

This listing is but a small sample of a much more extensive roster of legal and regulatory areas that require attention. Depending upon the complexity of the issues presented, consulting an attorney should be helpful in navigating to a good result.

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