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Healthcare attorneys often fall into one of two area, licensing and planning

Healthcare Licensing

Medical licensing boards are vital to keep patients safe from dangerous practitioners, but they don’t always function as they should. Where the board should prohibit people convicted of serious crimes from practicing, they sometimes prohibit good doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals with misdemeanors from practicing.

Medical licensing attorneys work to represent their clients before the medical licensing board, helping to shine them in their best light and regain their practice. Going in to face the board without a strong defense will likely result in a full revocation of your license.

While medical professionals should be held to a higher standard, they are not immune to mistakes. Some common reasons for license review include:

  • DUI arrest
  • Drug diversion
  • Positive drug test
  • Substance abuse/dependency
  • Job-impacting mental illness
  • Criminal convictions, past or ongoing

Sometimes people who aren’t even medical professionals yet need assistance going before the medical licensing board. Medical, nursing and healthcare industry students with prior convictions often find difficulty getting licensed, even if their convictions are old or unrelated to their ability to practice ethically.

Medical license board defense attorneys are important to students and practitioners alike. Justice For Me helps practitioners and medical, nursing and healthcare students get the defense they need by partnering with attorneys to offer payment plans which make retainers and fees affordable.

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare planning is the process of putting your wishes in legal writing in the case you can’t advocate for yourself, whether due to injury or illness.  

 Comprehensive healthcare plans allow the planner to decide almost any factor ahead of time in the case they can’t decide for themselves. Often included in healthcare plans are: 

  • Decisions regarding guardianship
  • Decisions on end of life care
  • Funeral plans/plans for remains
  • A living will
  • Decisions regarding whether to perform live-saving treatments

 While many of these decisions seem (and are) difficult to make, it is important to make them when you are able and clear headed, as opposed to leaving them up to a grief-stricken loved one.  

 For a healthcare plan to be valid, it must be listed on a Durable Power of Attorney, a legally approved document that names a healthcare proxy to make decisions for you in the case of incapacitation. It is important that this person know you and your wishes prior to signing the document. 

 Preparing for unforeseen circumstances is difficult, but it is made easier with the help of an experienced healthcare attorney.  

 One of the main goals of a healthcare plan is to save money. You decide ahead of time so that you don’t have to have legal battles later or have your loved ones go into debt paying for life saving procedures you didn’t even want. 

 Justice For Me helps people get the legal help they need without sending them into bankruptcy. We work with attorneys to implement a payment plan that works for everyone, making legal help available to everyone. 

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