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Immigration law and practice governs and addressed legal immigration into the US and is a highly complex and specialized area of the law. Whenever possible, immigration problems should be addressed with the help of an experienced attorney.

This practice area includes administrative and judicial processes that require close attention to detailed regulation, numerous deadlines and a separate judicial and enforcement process that, at the extreme, can result in immediate deportation or an absolute bar to entry to the USA. In addition to the entry requirements under various visa programs, special regulation is frequently involved with entry from various, selected countries, and when certain skills are held by the proposed immigrant. Additionally, the US’ special investor-immigrant program—which requires certain threshold areas of investment and job creation in the US, requires special expertise. An experienced attorney in any of these areas is crucial to success.

Most experienced attorneys that practice immigration law spend most of their practice focus on that practice alone. The administrative, regulatory and judicial complexities of the area demand the fulltime attention of any good attorney. Clients should be wary of anyone—attorney or not—who is a part-time practitioner in this area of the law.

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