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Intellectual property law covers the gamut of all intangible property capable of ownership. Such property includes but is not limited to simple writings to complex treatises and fiction, art of all kinds, science and technology that stretches the imagination, and complex software, and the means to make all things, biological, mechanical, or electrical. And then some.

An experienced lawyer in the area can help protect your intellectual property. These protections may be crucial in order to obtain any economic value for the property. Each of these pursuits are governed to some extent by copyright, trademark and patent laws at the local, state, federal or international level.

  • Copyright laws govern the protection of written or textual content of all manner.
  • Trademark law addresses the protection of brands and marks that identify property.
  • Patent law protects novel ideas and methods of any type.

At times it is important to connect with an attorney with special expertise in the area of interest. For example, if your business property is music, working with an attorney who understands the copyright or trademark issues unique to that industry can be helpful. Likewise, an attorney with experience in pharmaceutical compounds or medical devices can be especially helpful if the patent area is relevant. Similarly, a unique trademark can often best be protected with the help of an experienced trademark attorney who has worked in the industry in which the trademark is to be used. For example, the attorney who helped obtain the “Coca-Cola” trademark did a great service to his client. In any event, all these attorneys should have experience with the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as its state counterparts.

It is equally important to consider working with an attorney who understands and works with both business law concepts and technology of all sorts. This is especially so with any technology that is likely to be sold or transferred as part of an overall business development plan or strategy.

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