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Oil and gas law, including all laws and regulation governing exploitation, sale and transfer of minerals and mineral rights, is a highly specialized area of the law, which requires unique and special legal assistance under all circumstances.

This legal area was once largely confined to certain states such as Texas, California and Alaska, and other oil or gas-producing states. But with the advent of new technology that allows for unique extraction techniques, many more states now have thriving mineral rights industries.

If you are a landowner or tenant of real estate in an oil or mineral producing area, it is always a good idea to consult even briefly with an oil and gas attorney, even if there is no specific, anticipated transaction at that time. Such a consult might, for example, cover the question of whether your ownership includes the mineral rights to the real estate in question. You will then be prepared in the event an actual transaction transpires.

Litigation over property rights is also often an area of concern and interest in oil and gas. An experienced oil and gas attorney can help you navigate title ownership issues.

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