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Real estate law is broad and covers areas of litigation from landlord/tenant disputes to deeds and trusts. Lawsuits, or simply filling out routine paperwork, often require legal notarization. Real estate contracts are usually complicated enough that important clauses and subsections go unnoticed by even seasoned homeowners and renters.

Hiring a real estate lawyer can seem overwhelming and expensive, but it is often required to ensure all your property is being properly defended. Areas of real estate law that are made easier by hiring an attorney include:

  • Drafting/ reviewing lease agreements
  • Unlawful evictions
  • Drafting/reviewing sales agreements
  • Contractor disputes
  • Land use permits
  • Property transfers

Real estate law is related to some of the biggest decisions of your life, including buying a house or acquiring property from a family member. Getting caught up in disputes can be costly and affect your future real estate options, which is why it’s so important to find the right attorney for your case.

Real estate lawyers are capable of turning your case around in your favor. Justice For Me works to eliminate the issue of people being priced out of receiving proper legal assistance. We partner you with an attorney and implement a payment plan that makes up-front costs affordable and mutually beneficial.

Making real estate decisions is confusing and potentially life altering, but necessary for creating your home. We want to help you make those decisions with confidence and support and without breaking the bank.

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