Practice Areas

Justice For Me can help with the following legal areas

This page contains the legal practice areas that Justice For Me supports. We have attorneys who work in all these specialties. Please note Justice For Me cannot take on bankruptcy cases and we will not take on criminal cases other than minor offences such as DUI and Traffic Violations. All crimonal cases will require a co-applicant.


For more complex business entities (corporations and limited liability companies) it’s a good idea to use an attorney.

Civil Rights

Civil rights laws are complicated. If you think you have been discriminated against, you should consult with a civil rights attorney and discuss your options.

Consumer Rights

Consumer laws cover false advertising and unsafe products among many other issues. Both state and federal laws apply so having an experienced lawyer can help.


JFM only covers a limited number of criminal cases including DWI and traffic violations. When facing a criminal charge, it is always wise to have an attorney.


JFM cannot be used for bankruptcy cases, but for other debt-related matters including workouts, settlements and credit repair then we can help.


The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) process is complex and time-consuming. Applicants who hire attorneys are more likely to be approved.

Disputes & Litigation

Many legal disputes end up in the courthouse, where having an attorney who is used to how courts operate is an advantage.


Emerging laws in education are complex, especially in special education, where an experienced attorney can protect your child and their rights in the school system.


Ranging from estate planning to elder abuse, an attorney can help address a wide array of issues affecting an elderly family member.


Employment law and related rights are complex, and it’s vitally important to have an attorney help navigate different forms of relief at the local, state and federal level.

Family – Adoption

The adoption process is unique to every state, and an experienced attorney can ensure that your situation is handled correctly.

Family – Alimony

Negotiating or litigating appropriate spousal support or alimony is better served by an experienced family law attorney.

Family – Child Custody

An experienced attorney can be vital for the successful resolution of your child custody case, especially if you cross jurisdictions

Family – Divorce

Not every divorce needs an attorney, but if you have children and/or have a lot of assets to split, you will want legal support

Family – Domestic Violence or Abuse

Early intervention is often critical and usually requires the assistance of experienced counsel.

Family – Guardianship

A variety of circumstances may require guardianship, which is an extraordinary remedy in law. A lawyer is usually helpful in these situations.

Family – Marriage/Partnerships

Couples that have significant assets or mixed family situations may want to consult with an attorney before saying “I do”.

Family – Other

Family law touches all aspects of life. Having a great family lawyer on your team is critical as different life situations emerge.

Family – Prenuptials

An experienced family lawyer can help negotiate and draft an enforceable prenuptial agreement.


Any interaction with the government—from licensing, permits to regulatory charges—usually requires some assistance from counsel.


Any interaction with the government—from licensing, permits to regulatory charges—usually requires some assistance from counsel.


An immigration attorney is critical in prosecuting any entry or visa situation.

Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks and copyrights are very often best protected with the assistance of counsel.

Oil & Gas

If you own (or believe you own) any mineral rights, it is a good idea to review your rights with a knowledgeable attorney.

Real Estate & Housing

Any transactions or disputes involving real estate should be reviewed by an attorney.


Federal, state and local tax issues require immediate attention and an attorney can often resolve matters before a real problem emerges.


Veterans rights are favored under the law, yet are often overlooked. An experienced attorney can protect a vet’s disability claim or other rights.


Water rights associated with your property should be protected with an attorney’s assistance.

Wills, Estate & Probate

Every person should have a will. A lawyer is not always necessary but obtaining a legal review can be helpful and assure compliance with the law.