Justice for Me Announces Financing to Meet High Market Demand

Our new lending partner and leadership team additions will help attorneys take on more clients.

We are Bridging the Justice Gap by:

Building Trust

Justice for Me understands that the foundation for lasting relationships with our attorneys and clients is trust. As a customer-focused business, we strive to consistently instill confidence in the network of talented and hard-working attorneys who choose to partner with us. With the feedback and support of our partners, we were able to identify opportunities and implement solutions for improvement. We are pleased to share a few significant steps we have taken to position our operations for scalable success ahead.

Expanding the Team

Given the tremendous demand for the services we provide and growth we have experienced, we have proudly grown our management team with seasoned professionals who share our mission. We are pleased to welcome Paul Starkey as our new COO and President; Clay Young as CMO and CSO; Barry Hirsch as CFO; and Nigel Kingswood as CTO. Each of them is enthusiastic and passionate about the opportunity to help our attorney partners grow their businesses through enabling client access to justice with affordable legal payment plans.

Increasing Funding

We are excited to now have a strong financing partner that will enable us to serve many more attorneys in our network. Nearly 40 percent of clients who meet with an attorney end up walking away from pursuing legal action due to the challenges of the current system of legal finance. Our mission bridges this gap by allowing clients to pay for representation from attorneys in our network in monthly payments rather than an upfront retainer.

Improving Efficiency

With our new staff and funding, you can expect to see a much speedier ability to underwrite loans, with a high degree of customer support.

With our new financial backing, we can now meet the needs of attorneys and clients for several years to come, even with substantial growth. We have also focused on re-engineering our technology for a seamless experience on both sides. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, we know that these innovations will lead to a smoother working relationship between all parties.

Moving Forward

We are excited about these developments and committed to serving your needs. If you have current clients that need financing, please don’t hesitate to apply today.

Customer Stories

“Being able to finance with JFM has allowed us to excel in other areas of our business and not worry about the attorney’s fees. We’ve been able to invest those funds and grow the business.”

“Regardless of what happened in the relationship, my main priority is my son. I want peace for my son.”